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Model: Shorting-cap-Twist-Lock
Twist Lock shorting cap - 800 watt 120v..
Model: occupancy-sensor-wallswitch
Item DescriptionVacancy&Occupancy Wall sensorModel: occupancy sensor wall switchFeatures• Passive Infrared (PIR) Technology• Replaces a standard light or fan single-pole switch• Automatic ON /OFF and Manual ON/ Automatic OFF operation• Neutral required• LED indicates motion was sensed• Adjustabl..
Model: Photo control-Photocell-120V
 ·         Model Number: 7L-JL-106·         Usage: outdoor street lighting·         Theory: Optical Sensor·         ..
Model: Twist-lock-photocell-120v-outdoor-photocell
·         Model Number: 7L-JL-202X·         Usage: Outdoor Street Lighting·         Theory: Optical Sensor·         Outpu..
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